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Lake Fishing

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Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly

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Letter From Scotland

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Bow Waves

The first cast set the tone of Twin Lake's incredible fishing as the 'bow wave' of a 12lb rainbow trout came charging towards my dry fly. The quantity and quality of fish in this system combined with sight casting and acrobatic fighting attributes makes for mind blowing fishing. November 2014

Monster Lake Ranch
Book your trip to Monster Lake Ranch by going to - Catch Trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout. Catch huge brook trout in the upper lake. You will love it here and it is a must do in your lifetime.
As the season draws to a close I take a walk in to a remote lake in Mid-Wales.
A Day At Hawk Lake Lodge
Fly fishing for huge smallies at Hawk Lake Lodge
Two Worlds

A river and a lake. Two different worlds. In one of them what moves is the water, in the other just fish moves. But sometimes they seem to be pretty much the same thing.

Un río y un lago. Dos mundos distintos. En uno el que se mueve es el agua, en el otro el pez. Aunque a veces se parecen mucho.

The Pink Booby

This episode of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show sees fly fishing guide Rob Waddington show you how to tie the Pink Booby. This new fly tying series gives you a simple and easy step-by-step guide on fly tying for beginners. If you enjoy fly fishing or you are interested in tying your own flies then please subscribe for more AWESOME fly tying videos :)
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