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Lake Fishing

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How to fish with more than one fly

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Don't wade, you idiot!

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Lake fishing in Sweden

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Jan's Giant Buzzers

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Lake Champ

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Awesome Trout Fishing
Fly fishing for Pennask rainbow trout at Salmon Lake in British Columbia during a chironomid hatch.
Trout Fishing In Baggelhuizen The N...

Here a movie i made for The Dutch Flyfisherman The "VNV" about flyfishing at Baggelhuizen.
A great place for fly-fisherman.


Float tubing and fly fishing the amazing still waters of the KZN Midlands South Africa very fortunate the live in such a beautiful area and the Trout fishing is world class.

Track: Catch Alight by aKING

Flyfishing for Pike in Ireland
Flyfishing for pike in Ireland with Angling Guide, Bodo Funke.
Early Season Trout Fishing in Perth...

Join us for the first of this seasons trout fishing shows from Perthshire. In this show, Greig discusses early season tactics for overwintered fish and has a cast on the newly reopened Butterstone Loch which is without a doubt one of Scotland's most scenic fisheries. As always, we love to hear your feedback so please, get in touch with us via our website at www.flyfishingchannel.tvHope you enjoy the show!

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