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No hackle extended body mayfly
A general dry fly pattern for mayflies that looks realistic but is surprisingly easy to tie and is very effective.
Biot quills grey parachute mayfly #...

Hook: TMC 100 #18 debarbed
Tail: Hends microfibets
Body: Turkey biot quills grey
Wing: chartreuse polypropylene (you can use white or grey, I use chartreuse for high visibility in low light)
Hackle: light blue dun

Mayfly - Telemark

Impressions of a six day long trekking trip through the norwegian mountains of Telemark. Hiking and fly fishing in the Hardangervidda in height of 1,200 meters. July, 2014.

Filmed on Canon EOS 6d and GoPro Hero3.
Music: Paolo Nutini, Growing Up Beside You

Upright Callibaetis Spinner
A great lake pattern to imitate the callibaetis mayfly. This pattern utilizes the new synthetic quill body from Hareline Dubbin.
Biot Body Sulfur Parachute Dry Fly

Featured in this YouTube fly tying tutorial is the Biot Body Sulfur Parachute dry fly, a pattern intended to represent the adult/dun stage of the sulfur mayfly. I prefer a turkey biot body on this pattern in specific instances, including low-water situations and over highly-pressured fish. The biot body creates an excellent segmentation that closely represent the natural insect. If you feel there are additional materials to create a similar effect, please share those in the "Comments" section of this video.

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