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Mayfly Madness

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Stalcup's Mayflies

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Better-Winged Olives

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Real Mayfly Nymph
Very effective during the period Mayfly
Fly Fishing

This video combine my passion for biology with the one for videos. In this one I went over the life cycle of the Mayfly (Ephemera danica), the main source of livelihood for the trouts. Special guest: Sandro Soldarini
Questo video coniuga la mia passione per la biologia con quella dei video. In questo ho seguito il ciclo di schiusa della Mayfly (Ephemera danica), che rappresenta, nel periodo di sfarfallamento, la principale fonte sostentamento della torte. Special guest: Sandro Soldarini

Detached Body Mayfly Emerger
My favourite Pattern for River & Large water
Blooming of the Tisza

Fly fishing for asp and ide during the hatch of the Tisza-flowers.

Video made by Hárságyi Péter and Szmutni Ákos

Songs performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Notwist

Extended Mayfly Body
In this fly tying tutorial, I demonstrate one (of many!) technique for creating extended mayfly bodies using deer hair. This is a great method, and reduces the amount of materials you need for certain patterns, such as the green drake, slate drake (Isonychia), and other mayflies with lengthy bodies/abdomens. When tying flies with this particular method, ensure the body thickness is appropriate to match the natural by either increasing/reducing the size of the needle or selecting a sparser/fuller amount of deer hair.

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Tips for Measuring Mayfly Tails
During this brief fly tying tutorial, I explain a few parts of the dry fly hook essential in the measurement of tails when tying. From there, I tie the correct length for mayfly tails (the dun is tied and I explain dimensions for the spinner), while also showing a "cheater" that beginning tyers can use until they perfect their methods. Thanks for viewing this tutorial, and feel free to leave questions/comments directly on this YouTube page or email me: