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Ephemera Danica
Mayfly tying with a false hackle of arctic hare. Audio in Spanish
Free Aurivilli

90% of flyfishing is frustration.
10% is pure joy.
This video shows a day where everything went our way; it was a part of the 10%.

Father Sleep - A Dream I Didn't Have
Blank & Kytt - RSPN
Chatham County Line - She
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - ChainSmoke Days

On the mayfly

There are a few special events that you as a fly fisherman surely want to experience. One of them is undoubtedly the hatch of large mayflies and catching a big brown trout on a dry mayfly. It’s a question of the right place at the right time to find a hatch of Ephemera danica and vulgata. The fly used to catch this big brown was a Jabba (mayfly imitation created by Leon Janssen and Douglas Barnes). Thanks guys, it was Magnificent!

Vis a Dun Baetis
An extremely effective pattern from John Barr. The Vis-a-Dun can be tried in many color schemes and sizes to match various mayfly species. We use it mainly for baetis and pale morning duns. This fly floats well and is very durable.
Leggy Sheelin May
Brilliant pattern again with pseudo hackle for when the mayfly is hatching