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Improved Cripple Mayfly
The Missoulian Angler Fly Shop Improved Cripple Mayfly Fly Tying Video
Brothers On The Mayfly
Mayfly season: The time that keeps most flyfishermen dreaming of that big trout caught on a dry. Once the first mayflies are hatching, however, we often realize that the time of times might not live up to our expectations and memories. What is it for you: A blessing or a curse?
Real. Easy. Mayfly

This is a relatively realistic and easy to tie mayfly pattern. Mix and match colors.Buy these materials online:

No hackle extended body mayfly
A general dry fly pattern for mayflies that looks realistic but is surprisingly easy to tie and is very effective.
Biot quills grey parachute mayfly #...

Hook: TMC 100 #18 debarbed
Tail: Hends microfibets
Body: Turkey biot quills grey
Wing: chartreuse polypropylene (you can use white or grey, I use chartreuse for high visibility in low light)
Hackle: light blue dun