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Really small flies

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Videos with "Midges - Really small flies" - More videos about about this subject
Red Night Midge Emerger
Imitation ideal for lakes and still waters generally
The Blood Worm Trout Fly.
A look at the blood worm fishing fly, information on the life cycle of the midge and some fly fishing tips for getting the most out this this fantastic trout fly.
UV Midge Emerger

This is a step by step instructional video on tying a UV Midge Emerger. It is a great pattern to fish just below the surface as a dropper but can also be fishing deep below an indicator. Give it a try.

Hook: Daiichi 1120 #16-20 (or smaller)
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Rib: Ultra Wire Gold Small
Wing: UV Minnow Belly
Thorax: Superfine Dubbing Black

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Tungsten Zebra Midge

Learn how to tie a Tungsten Zebra Midge.
(The fly in the video is a #18 Black Tungsten Zebra Midge)

The Tungsten Zebra Midge is one of the staple patterns for our guides here on the Henry's Fork and is always a great fly to have in your fly box for any river system.

Materials List:
Hook: Daiichi 1120 #14-20
Bead: Silver Tungsten 2.8mm-1.5mm
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Wire: Small Ultra Wire Silver

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Grey Turkey Adult Midge

Materials Used;
Hook, Kamasan B110 size 12
Thread, Black Uni-8/0 Black
Rib, Fine or Small Silver Wire
Body, Grey Turkey Tail Sooty Slate
Thorax Cover, Grey Turkey Tail Sooty Slate
Wings, White Cock Hackle Tips
Thorax, Natural Rabbit and Mole with UV Lite-Brite or Angel Hair Mixed
Hackle, Whiting Sub-Coq de Leon Hen Cape


Summer Duck Classic Chironomid
Summer duck and olive classic style chironomid pattern. Tie some up for when the olive/browns are coming off and the trout are getting picky. The angel hair wing buds are enough to set it apart, with an otherwise subdued pattern.