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Welcome to the Mountains
This film was entered into the Charleston Angler GoPro Film Festival and got 3rd place out of 30 films which we won a new GoPro Hero 3 plus camera for our 3rd place. This video takes place in the North Carolina mountains, Weat Virginia mountains and the Tennessee mountians where we put all pf our best footage from the summer into one video. We continue to pursue our love for fly fishing and our love for video production. If you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like this video! Instagram: @wildyproductions Facebook: Wild Fly Productions
And we were there, in the mountains...

In the second installment of our Autumn series we spent a couple of days camping on the Deerfield River in the Berkshires. The first day brought unrelenting rain and general dreariness. We made a feeble attempt at chucking streamers to semi entheused fish, and managed to pick up a few here and there, but there was an itch that still desperately needed to be scratched. Suddenly, as if the dry fly gods themselves had spoken, the sky parted and the sun came over the mountain tops.

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Small Game Fishing
A short fly fishing film about how four guys escape from the surrounding city stress to discover Austria's untouched wilderness. A country where the mountains stands guard for the spiritual crystal clear streams and that one rising trout that inspires us and makes us whole again.
Welcome to the Mountains

This film was entered into the 3rd annual Charleston Angler GoPro Film Festival along with 30 other films. Out of the 30 films our video placed 3rd in the event! With placing 3rd we won a bunch of prizes, the main prize being a new GoPro Hero 3 Plus Black edition and many other accessories.

This film Highlights our summers best fishing in North Carolina and even in Tennessee and West Virginia. We wanted to show the Charleston Angler a little taste of the "mountains." We are very excited for our award winning film and hope everyone of you enjoys it as well.

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Young, Wild and Free

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An Alpine Delicate
Wolfgang Heußerer approaches a small mountain stream in southern Austria with his fly rod. Quite a few brown/brook trouts couldn´t resist his dry fly presentations.