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Here are some memorable hook-ups from a recent trip into the back country of New Zealand.
Balls Deep, And Sheep

I spent 9 weeks in this beautiful country called New Zealand, flyfishing for big trout.
I had a decent camera with me, and managed to get some filming done.
Hope you enjoy it. I did.

Big Thanks to Vision Flyfishing, FlyDressing, Imago Flyfishing,, Ryan Mumford, Jonas Enarsson, Casey Cravens/, and many many more.

South Island flats fishing for ray ...

The untapped potential that is "top of the south island" flats fishing is on show in this short clip. Hard fighting kingfish cruise with shorttailed and longtailed stingrays in just inches of water. We hook several kings over two days on the incredible SAGE ONE 8 weight. Long battles of over an hour at times left us shattered but craving more!
To experience this amazing experience for yourself visit

New Zealand Fly and Sight Fishing
Our trip in NZ Fly and Sight Fishing..(6 weeks)
New Zealand 2014 - Recap
A recap from our amazing New Zealand trip january 2014
The Motu River-North Island - NZ
Looking at trout fishing from another angle - scuse the pun.

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· The video formerly known as... - I attended the sneak preview of the video Only the River Knows, formerly known as The Trout Also Rises. Great video! I'm looking forward to reviewing the DVD.