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The Trout Diaries

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Fishy photos: Stu Hastie

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Oh my God!
This little edit follows Peter's streak of bad luck and not-so-pro fuck ups during a recent New Zealand trip with the Nylinder brothers.
Saltwater Spinning and Fly In NZ
Video shot of spinning and fly fishing in Whangamata estuary in North island, New Zealand. Lots of aerial footage! Camera: Paul Smith , Angler: Alan Bulmer.
The Way of Things
In all the years of filming brown trout, this captures the 'why'. Why brown trout, why we travel to New Zealand, why we love our home waters in Alberta, why we love small streams. Any time I can get so engaged with a brown trout in tight quarters, any time the result isn't a given, and any time you have to do unconventional things, that's what I love. I'm a little intense, I get quiet and curt while intense, and if you can get past my sarcastic tone as this unfolds, there's some neat stuff in this one.

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Hunting large browns in Lake O
A video from a great day at Lake Otamangakau in New Zealand´s North Island. A fantastic stillwater where rainbow trout dominate, but it is the large browns that mainly cruise the edges of the lake - in very shallow water. This particular day the three first broke off, but the fourth fish was a large brown in superb condition. One of my best ever:-)
Stealth with a Fly

Stealth with a Fly - Fly Fishing New Zealand Film Trailer
Acclaimed New Zealand fishing guide Dean Bell returns in 'Stealth with a Fly'.
While being filmed among some of New Zealand's most stunning wilderness trout waters detailed advice is provided on addressing some of the most common issues fly anglers face in trout fishing.
With an emphasis on the importance of Line Management and Line Control, the parts of each are broken down and analyzed individually in clear and easy to understand terminology.

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· The video formerly known as... - I attended the sneak preview of the video Only the River Knows, formerly known as The Trout Also Rises. Great video! I'm looking forward to reviewing the DVD.