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Flies fishing under the surface imitating subadult insects

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Bead Eye Red Squirrel Nymph

Hook: 2xl #12 - #18
Eyes: Beadchain
Weight: .020 Lead Wire
Thread: Rusty
Tail/Body/Collar Red Squirrel Body Fur

Jan's Spark Plug

On this episode of Fly Friday provided by MimicFlyFishing.com: Jan's Spark Plug

To take the expertise behind this fly and 18 years experience on local waters, book a trip with Orvis endorsed guide Jan Nemec by calling 775-770-8227 or email us at: mimicfly@gmail.com.

Guide rates available at: mimicflyfishing.com.

Fly Fridays are a chance for you to learn the secrets behind the area's best and tested patterns, including some of Jan Nemec's patterns that are sold nationally in the Orvis catalog.

Fly Tying Variations

During this tutorial, I go through the tying of the Prince nymph pattern, with the focus on my thought process when making variations to the original pattern. As an experienced fly tyer, making variations is something I complete with ease, but I understand that those with less experience are interested in why certain decisions are made when tying. Throughout this tutorial, the areas to vary include beads, weight, tails, ribbing, body material, hackle/legs, and the stingers. There is also time spent discussing hot spots @ the front of the pattern.

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