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Arabian Perms
A montage of fly fishing for Arabian permit along the remote coast of Oman. Set to Little Ghetto Boy, from Dre’s classic 1992 album, The Chronic which featured the debut of a young unknown by the name of Snoop! Quit paying muthafuckers for perms!
Kayak Fly Fishing Permit with Andy ...

Adventure style Permit Fly Fishing with my Kayak. I explore and challenge myself in search of Permit in new and remote locations. I use my kayak to access area's I would otherwise not be able to fish by wading alone. These are shark and crocodile infested water and yes I saw sharks on this day. While I didn't see any crocodiles today, I know of two resident BIG crocs (4m+) that live only a few kilometres from here. The whole time I am fishing I am constantly looking over my shoulder as I am as much the prey as the hunter out here......

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Summertime Sadness
Capt Lacey from Florida fishing with Tres Pescados Fly Shop in San Pedro, Belize over the summer.
Palometa Club
Promo video for the Palometa Club produced by Howard Films. All video content is from our recent Permit Tournament held in May 2013.
Fly Fishing for Arabian Permit Part...
After last week's magnificent fish, I had to have more! This week I landed two in a single morning. Permit are a hell of a drug!
A short vid of Oliver and me flyfishing for Permit in Ascension Bay, Mexico

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· Heads or tails - If this permit video trailer turns into a DVD, I'm on the preorder list!