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The fierce northern hemisphere predator

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Midnight hogs

A week in the land of the midnight sun,on the Innoko chasing true monsters.Theses pikes are awesome,great fight,beautiful,and in great numbers.Day four was the highlight with 87 pikes landed and 22 over 40inch,best 49 and 48.
Biggest of the trip 50 inch.

Big mama strikes back
Flyfishing after big pikes.
Copper Tail

Materials list:
Nylon Hair,
saddle feathers,
flashabou – copper and silver,
Pro Softhead,
epoxy 3D eyes,
extra select craft fur


Click here to see materials used in this movie: http://www.bluedotmediashop.dk/default.asp?lang=uk

Pike Obsession
A short clip about fly fishing for winter pike in France
I use these when the poppers aren't working, perfect when the pikes like to chase just bellow the surface.

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