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The fierce northern hemisphere predator

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Videos with "Pike - The fierce northern hemisphere predator" - More videos about about this subject
Irish pike on the popper
Fly fishing for pike with poppers is lots of fun! Strikes come sudden and swift. Pikes hammer a popper with bad intentions.... Not for the fainthearted!
Winter fly fishing for pike and bar...
When the season is closed, when the frost cover your country, all is not lost… In Spain you can fish big pike with fly combining with Barbel fly fishing on dry fly. Freshwater Bonefish in January on dry fly!! Awesome!!!
The Hardest Part Is Getting Started
My first Pike on Fly at Lake Ången near Nyköping, Sweden.
The Clunge Hunter
A simple, innocent guy...But he can find any girl in any pond...Or rivers...or lakes...Tied on an extra long shank Sakuma 430,2/0 but theses hooks are very strong and sharp.The long shank helps to get a better shape to the body and keeps it in proportion.
Streamer for pike - easy to tie

While fishing on a small river, there's no point to use big streamers, as the pikes are not that big so I was using this one which is about 16cm long but with nice volume and movement.
Materials list:

- Daiichi 2463 #5/0 hooks (http://www.troutline.ro/daiichi-fly-hooks-2463)
- fluoroflash
- flashabou (http://www.troutline.ro/flashabou)
- baitfish emulator flash
- Pro softhead
- 8mm epoxy eyes
- saddle feathers

Track: Argatu' - Sui la deal, cobor la vale

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