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Haunted by Waters

Mid-August 2014 led me on an Alaskan adventure i wont soon forget. From the thriving washboards of the Lower Kenai for big Dolly Varden and Rainbows to a coastal stream full of huge anadromous Cohos; this trip was full of long hikes, cold rainy days, and big salmonids.

Song: Message to the Bears - Daylight Goodbye

Always Worth the Trip
Mark Raisler talks about the experience of spending a day on a quiet Montana freestone river, instead of larger and more famous rivers that produce more and bigger trout.
Bandit Leach

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Tom Melvin presents a staple Alaska pattern designed to imitate baitfish for rainbow, char, and grayling. This pattern is a staple in his box for Alaska and Kamchatka Yellow Dog Hosted Trips. Take a look as Tom spins up the design and details for this fly pattern.

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BOWdacious: Eastern Washington Rain...
We hit a stream in Eastern Washington in late June and big 'bows were the result. We fly fished and used spinning gear. Primarily used streamers when fly fishing, and plastic/rubber grubs & eggs when using spinning gear. The two big rainbows were both over the 20" mark. As always, more videos to come...
Spring Time Fishing on the Big Horn...
Steven and Montana Matt hit the Big Horn River in Montana for big rainbow trout, brown trout and the elusive native Montana bonefish. My Moto on the river is if your fly isn't in the water your not going to catch a fish!
Aventura de Pesca a Mosca Teaser

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In March 2014, the tribe went to Patagonia for a brown trout fly-fishing trip at the Cinco Rios Lodge. We explored lakes, creeks and rivers caught some big fish and met locals with whom we share great souvenirs.

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