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Sea Trout
The silvery sea run brownies

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Chasing Sea Trout

In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Bergman do some really cool sea trout fishing in the archipelago of Stockholm. Except catching lots of nice sea trouts, Niklaus and Daniel also run through their equipment and give us a few great tips for sea trout fishing. Enjoy!

Fishing guide secrets.
Feature with Diego Peralta tells us his experience as a fishing guide in Río Gallegos. From "Las Buitreras" of Solid Adventure para Club Salmón 2000.
Dark Mackerel Sea Trout Fly

Materials Used;Hook, Ken Sawada Black Spey size 8
Thread, Uni-8/0 Red
Tail, Golden Pheasant Tippet dyed Hot Orange
Rib, Gold Wire
Body, UTC Large Red Holographic Tinsel
Body hackle, Claret Chinese Cock
Wing, Bronze Mallard
Front Hackle, Claret Hen

Scandinavian Sea Trouts
In the early spring The Whip Fly Fishing team went to the southern coast of Denmark, hoping to catch some of the famous Silver Sea Trout.
Flyfishing for seatrout, First fish...
Flyfishing for seatrout in norway
Seatrout open with Rune Westphal
Coastal seatrout competition at Funen, Denmark.

Fishing in the mist for small seatrout.

About "Sea Trout - The silvery sea run brownies" from Blog Creek – GFF's weblog
· A glimpse of trout secrets - Yesterday I went and saw a preview of the new videos on coastal sea trout fishing by Danish Niels Vestergaard, and they are pretty exiting to put it mildly
· Great books translated into German - Thomas Vinge's Danish books on seatrout flies have been translated into German, and have just been published. I cannot recommend them enough!
· Sea Trout Secrets - A set of very good Danish DVD's have been translated into English.

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