Sea Trout
The silvery sea run brownies

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Fly fishing for seatrout at the west coast of Sweden
This is a short recap of what we are waiting for 182 days every winter.

Beck - Turn Away

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Vision fly fishing

Best Coast

A fly-fishing film from the Swedish West Coast/Best Coast

Spring Silver
Fly Fishing for big trout - Spring Silver is a film in which we follow a group of guys, as they set out to find some exiting trout fishing. Two of the guys have made a deal. They have to land two trouts over 50 cm. mark, and then they can celebrate like true winners. The film is shot in Denmark.
Sea Run

Capt. Martin Carranza fishing for sea run brown trout in Kau Tapen lodge in Argentina!

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Flyfishing for seatrouts: Two round...
Flyfishing for seatrouts: Two rounds in the ring: A small movie from a hard, tough and cold winter day. Such a relief when it succeeded at the end of trip, after failed landings, and nervous hands. Hope you can feel the joy with me.

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· I F***ing Love Fish Science! - Scientific reports about fish and environment might not seem to be the most exciting to us anglers, but the work done by scientists is extremely important in keeping and eye on and improving our fishing waters.
· A glimpse of trout secrets - Yesterday I went and saw a preview of the new videos on coastal sea trout fishing by Danish Niels Vestergaard, and they are pretty exiting to put it mildly
· Great books translated into German - Thomas Vinge's Danish books on seatrout flies have been translated into German, and have just been published. I cannot recommend them enough!

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