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South America
Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and much more

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Waypoints - Rio Paragua, Venezuela ...
Deep in the remote jungles of Venezuela, swimming the fierce, murky waters of the Rio Paragua live the fanged fish known as Payara. I had a great couple of weeks with two world class anglers filming this segment for the fly fishing adventure film "Waypoints". The film won an award for "Best Cinematography".
Pepefly in Aurelia Lodge

On 7 November, kicking off my fishing season, departed at 17 am heading to Aurelia Lodge, where I was invited by Mr. Francisco Hermoso, Owner of Aurelia Lodge and Manager of Aurelia Lodge Diego Castillo to fish in the waters Rio Grande; I undertook this fishing trip with my friend and fishing buddy Omar Guenchur.

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Fly Tying for Dorado (Golden Fly-Fi...

In the last 10 years, the Dorado 's reputation as one of the world 's best freshwater fighters went global. Today, adventurous anglers from around the world are flocking to South America in pursuit of this magnificent game fish.
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MONOBLOC I Cine y Video

Golden Dorado Fly Fishing at Parana...

Argentina Golden Dorado is a rare game fish known for its unique beauty, ferocious fighting, explosive runs and tarpon-like acrobatics. Though the fish has been famous among South American anglers for quite some time, very few outsiders had even heard of the Golden Dorado - let alone fished for them.


Bomber Tube Fly on Rio Grande
Fly fishing with bomber tube fly, Rio Grande, Argentina
Aventura de Pesca a Mosca Teaser

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In March 2014, the tribe went to Patagonia for a brown trout fly-fishing trip at the Cinco Rios Lodge. We explored lakes, creeks and rivers caught some big fish and met locals with whom we share great souvenirs.

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