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Kaufmann Stone Stonefly Nymph

The Kaufmann Stone is a lifelike and super heavy Stonefly Nymph Pattern. The Kaufmann Stone was developed by Randall Kaufmann and continues to be a standard in Stonefly Nymph Patterns. The Kaufmann Stone can be tied in many colors. The Golden (seen in this video), Black, Brown variations are the most popular and represent most of the natural stoneflies found in Western Rivers. The Kaufmann Stone is designed to be fished near the bottom, tumbling among the rocks and boulders in deep pools. The Kaufmann Stone is a must have for any trip in the West. Do not leave home with out them!

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Bise's B Bug - Skwala Pattern
Dustin Bise is behind the vise today tying a skwala pattern he calls Bise's B Bug. This is a early season attractor stone fly that is a hybrid Pat's Rubber Legs and Chubby Chernobyl. It rides low in the water and is a good fly choice for selective fish.
Tan Hemingway Stone Fly

Hook: 4xl #4 - #12
Thread: Cream
Tail: Tan Goose Biot
Rib: Fine Copper Wire
Abdomen/Thorax: Tan Dubbing
Wing Bud/Back: Hemingway's Wing
Bud and Back Legs: Hemingway's Rubber Legs

Yello Stonelfy Moving
Impressionistic imitation of Isoperla Grammatica skating on water
Twitchy Chicken Soft Hackle Stonefl...
This is a great stonefly pattern that utilizes Coq De Leon soft hackle. Fun pattern to tie!
Hare's Ear Stonefly

Here's a great stonefly pattern using the popular Hare's Ear as the basis.
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