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About fishing in running water

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Only the River Knows

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The Green Inchworm

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The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing

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The brown trout rivers of Estonia

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Vision and Refraction

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Don't wade, you idiot!

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I've Never Met an Idiot...

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Under the dam

Johan Klingberg fishes for rising fish on the Missouri below Holter dam in Montana.
The coolest water on a tailwater is closest to the dam. This is also where you'll find the smallest bugs, and some of the biggest fish. Those small rises is made by some really big fish and a size 24 Hairdressers midges might just fool them. You just have to be careful and patient.


Trico Time

With the bad weather and high water in late June and early July, the fishing was tough. Luckily, the heavy rains eventually stopped, the tricos started falling, and we were able to hook into a few fish.

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Hurch - Goiserer Traun
Fly fishing for grayling on Traun river (Austria).
Grappana - Fly fishing in Northern ...
Grappana makes a fishing trip to the Northern Sweden in the summer 2014
Bluebird Day in the Valley
Markleeville's finest piece of water tucked in the Pleasant Valley. Great day and Melissa's first day with a 9' fighting stick. She had a huge day!
A portrait of a 16 year old fly-fisherman.

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