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Striped Bass

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Surf Fly Fishing 2010 - NYC Edition

This is the compilation of my 2010 fly fishing season in the surf zone around NYC. Locations covered the Hudson River and Long Island Sound in the spring and the south shore beaches of Long Island in the Fall.

All primary shots were taken with a Sony HD-SR11. The underwater and point-of-view images were taken with a VioSport POV1.5. Editing was on Vegas Pro9.

"So Long, Lonesome" - Explosions in the Sky
"Run River" - Jon Swift
"Heroin" - The Velvet Underground
"Sunsets" - Borgore
"Angel" - Massive Attack

Maine Stripers
2013 saltwater fly fishing season
This is a video collage of my 2013 saltwater flyfishing season. 95% of this footage is shot with a running GoPro worn on a chesty.
The Delta Equation 2
This short video continues with the celebration of opportunities for exploring California's Delta with a flyrod. The journey's well worth the effort. Enjoy!
Bob's Banger

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey coastal communities. Island Beach State Park was washed over by the storm surge.

11 years earlier Bob Popovics of The Salt Water Fly Rodders in Sea Side NJ, set out to explore the evolution of the Banger with film maker Brian Schneider. Also on hand, Shell E Caris and Richie Zola.

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A Day to Remember
Albie and Bass Fly Fishing, Long Island, New York. This was one of those rare occasions when everything comes together for a great fishing day from the rocks. Early in the day we cast to albies (false albacore) and later in the day the bass (striped bass) showed up for an awesome feeding frenzy (blitz).