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Insects that ought to stay on dry land

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Videos with "Terrestrials - Insects that ought to stay on dry land" - More videos about about this subject
Rubber Leg Beetle
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties a Rubber Leg Beetle
Pico Ant
This fly tying video will walk you through the steps on how to tie a Pico Ant. Tied by Erik Moncada
CDC Flying Ant

Fishing ants in the summertime is a favorite of mine when fly fishing, and this pattern is rising rapidly in my arsenal. Featured in Henry Ramsay's book, "Matching Major Eastern Hatches," the CDC Flying Ant is a pattern that is simple to tie, suggestive of the natural, and effective to fish. The color can be varied (as many also fish this in a light brown shade), as can the size, yet the basics here are solid. Feel free to share how you fish ant patterns in the comments section below.

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Black Cricket

Materials Used;
Hi Everyone, It's Bill Skilton’s Stretchy Foam that I used and not Thin Foam as I said in the video, sorry....
Here is a list of the materials I used;
Hook, size 10 dry fly
Thread, Uni 8/0 black
Tail, Dyed Black Turkey or Goose Biots
Body, Bill Skilton’s Stretchy Foam and Black Dubbing
Back, Bill Skilton’s Stretchy Foam
Legs, Dyed Black Turkey Biots and a Dyed Black Cock Hackle
Thorax Cover, Black Foam
Head, Black Dubbing
Horns, Dyed Black Pheasant Tail

Flying Ant

A very important fly to have in the late summer and fall.
Hook: Std Dry #16 - #22
Thread: Black
Abdomen: Black Dubbing
Wing: White CDC
Thorax: Black Dubbing

Sedgehog Daddy

Materials Used;Hook, Kamasan B160
Body, Tan or Brown Tin Foam
Thread, Uni-8/0 Tan or Brown
Legs, Pre-Knotted Pheasant Tail Fibres
Thorax, Fox Squirrel
Wings, Cree Hackle Tips and Roe Deer
Head,Deer Hair

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