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Insects that ought to stay on dry land

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Martin's Mundane
Crane Fly

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Domestic Fly

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Mart's Parachute Ant

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Martīs Bibio

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Videos with "Terrestrials - Insects that ought to stay on dry land" - More videos about about this subject
Massimo Gianneschi ties a ladybug
Blumble Bee Fly
This is an easy yet deadly effective bumble bee pattern. There aren't a lot of these out there and this one gets the job done. It does take a little while to tie but its worth it in the end.
Green River cicada action
Cicada dry fly fishing on the Green river with Spinner Fall Guide service in Dutch John, UT
Twigg & Barry Foam Ant

Often early spring can see a fly ant emergence. Never be on the stillwaters in the spring without an ant pattern!

Here we tie a simple foam and dubbing pattern. It's a quick and easy tie, but don't forget the sighting post (here we've used orange poly) as you'll never see the fly again. Thanks for watching!

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