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About fishing the warmest parts of the world

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Tight Line Shrimp

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Itu's Bones

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Fly fishing tropic beaches
Walking a tropic beach with a fly rod and sight casting to a variety of fish species. Learn more about the fly lines used at, or in Australia at
Feed Em' Flies

A short compilation of shots based on fly fishing in South Texas.

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Sage Fly Fishing


Everglades Fly Fishing Snook, Tarpo...

Miami Fly Fishing and Everglades Fly Fishing Guide
(561) 789-2983
Fly fishing the waters of Everglades National Park via Flamingo for tarpon, redfish and snook, largemouth bass Capt. Mark Giacobba
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Satori - trailer for final VOD
Fly Fishing for Permit is a religion. Its about being in the moment and connecting with something natural, spiritual and surreal all at once. It's about the process and letting go. It's the instant the fish eats the fly. It's the closest thing to enlightenment you'll ever get. It's Satori.
The Wade
Took a family DIY Bonefish trip to Long Island Bahamas. We had a great time caught some fish and did some major relaxing hope you enjoy the flick!
Silver Kings Season 1 Trailer

Season 1 of Silver Kings reveals Captains Bou Bosso and Rob Fordyce competing in fly tarpon tournaments during the 2014 season in Islamorada, FL. Watch as they guide their clients through the addictive action of fly fishing for tarpon. Episodes start on October 4, 2014…8:30 am EST on Destination America Channel.

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