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Tube Flies
Flies tied on plastic or metal tubes rather than hooks

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Videos with "Tube Flies - Flies tied on plastic or metal tubes rather than hooks" - More videos about about this subject
Chinook Fly
McBike ties a simple Chinook/Spring Salmon tube fly to demonstrate the Skeena River Fly Supply Tube Fly System. Euro style tubing using an inner and outer or over tube. Over tubes come in many colors including embeded glitter. Makes a much more durable fly than a single tube and does not require junction tubing.
Streamer man on the vise 1
Tube Streamer fly tying
Bead Fry Steelhead Tube Fly

This is a great fly for spring time Steelhead that are chomping down on eggs and fry. Due to the design, it is effective as both swung or drifted under an indicator, making it a great choice for a switch rod and in smaller tributaries. Based on a Greg Senyo pattern.

Grocery List:
Heritage Angling Products Tube (1.8mm mated with 3.0mm)
Red Thread (Any will do)
8mm Trout Bead (Hole drilled to 2mm)
Deer Creek UV Resins (Flex to mate the tubing, Hard to form the head)
Deer Creek Gator Eyes

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Coho Herring Bucktail Tube Fly

This Tube Bucktail incorporates natural colors with modest flash In contrast to some of the shockingly hot PINK Bucktails that we Salmon Bucktailers often fish in saltwater. The fly catches silvers and Albacore, so you can feel utmost confidence when you tie it on and hang it in your prop-wash. For more fly tying videos, check out and to buy fly tying materials, visit

The BC Needlefish
Trolling Bucktail style flies tied on tubes was very common during the glory days of ocean Silver Salmon recreational fisheries of the 1950s -- 1980s from Northern California through SE Alaska. Regions like Puget Sound and Vancouver Island spawned many versions of Coho Tube flies that had local followings and rationale for the selection of one pattern over another. Near as I can tell, fly anglers used these tube Bucktail flies to troll as well as cast to feeding Coho in saltwater.

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Great Lakes Steelhead Interceptor


This is my go-to pattern for Steelhead on Great Lakes tributaries. This pattern, in this colour is responsible for most of the fish I’ve landed in the 2012/2013 season. I based this pattern off of Greg Senyo’s JawBreaker and you’ll notice that most of my flies are based off Senyo’s designs (He’s Amazing!).

I fish this fly with a stinger hook that hangs just past the tail.

This pattern and others can be found at

Grocery List:
Veevus 6/0 Thread

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