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Warm Water

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Lefty on Bass

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Warm Water

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Susquehanna Smallmouth patterns

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Jr.s Bent Slider
Jr. Burke has come up with another fantastic warmwater fly. The Bent Slider could possibly be the easiest fly you'll ever tie. Plus, it is a great fish catcher.
Jr.'s HPU Weedless Sculpin
Jr. Burke applied Derrick Filkins' HPU Weedless fly tying method to a favorite sculpin pattern. If you have ever done any fly fishing for smallmouth bass you know the closer you can get your fly into structure and in the thick of things the better your chances are of catching bigger fish. This weedless fly is designed just for that. Cast this into weeds, into downed trees and right up under the bank and it comes out every time.
CO Bass & Bluegill
Fly Fishing for Bass & Bluegill in Colorado

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· Classic Clouser - Tied my first Clouser Minnows ever a few minutes ago. What a fly!