The influence of the weather on our fishing

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Seatrout open with Rune Westphal
Coastal seatrout competition at Funen, Denmark.

Fishing in the mist for small seatrout.
Endless days
Salmon fly fishing in its pure form, in my opinion, what do you think? Recorded in Orkla Norway summer 2011. Hope you like it:)
Winter Fly Fishing
In some of the world's best trout fishing area, Sun Valley, Idaho, we fish winters just as hard as the summers. This piece is hosted by the one and only John Huber of Ketchum on the fly. This was shot and edited in the winter of 2010.
Surf & Inshore Fishing part 3
Really beautiful footage of fishing in real surf! That guy must trust his tripod! There's also some calmer conditions and some nice underwater shots. From Rhode Island and New York during the Fall 2009.

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