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Quill Gordon Wet

Hook: Std Wet/nymph
Thread: Olive
Tail: Wood Duck Flank
Body: Stripped Peacock Eye
Wing: Wood Duck Flank
Hackle: Medium Dun

Peute Variant
Marco Feliciani ties the "Peute Variant"
Dark Hendrickson Winged Wet
Steve Culton shows you how to tie the Dark Hendrickson, a classic American winged wet fly pattern.
Here is another classic wet fly pattern.
Olive Pheasant Tail Wet Fly
Olive mayflies hatch all season long so having some of these in your box won't hurt.
Flies into action
In the film using a new method of presentation of artificial flies.Method Buldo is floating wire and 4 artificial flies.I hope it develops in AMERICA.For more video with instructions enter the site. (Ed.: I had a very hard time placing this on the map based on the language spoken, but I guess it's Romanian.. And we have more on Buldo or float fishing with a fly here. Martin)