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Wet Flies

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Female Hendrickson Wet Fly

Hook: 2xl Wet #12 - #14
Thread: Pink
Tail: Blue Dun Hackle
Body: Pink Acrylic
Hackle: Partridge
Wing: Soft Pheasant Tail

Olive Acrylic and Partridge Wet Fly

Hook: 2xl Nymph #12 - #18
Thread: Black
Body: Olive Acryliic Hair Band
Hackle: Partridge

Griffith's Gnat Wet Fly

Hook: 2xl Nymph/Wet #14 - #20
Weight .010 Lead Wire (optional)
Rib: Silver Wire
Body: Peacock Her
lHackle: Grizzly
Wing: Duck Quill

Partridge and Orange

Time for another Beginner's Episode. This time it's one of the simplest wet flies you can tie. The "Partridge and Orange" is a classic wet fly pattern. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and look us up on the web for all your tying needs at http://holsingersflyshop.com and like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Red Squirrel Wet

Hook: Std/Curved #12 - #18
Weight: .010 Lead Wire
Thread: Burnt Orange
Tail: Red Squirrel Guard Hair
Rib: Gold Wire
Body: Red Squirrel
Hackle: Dark Ginger
Wing: Duck Quill

Teal and Partridge Hot Spot Wet Fly

Hook: Std/2xl Nymph #12-#18
Hot Spot: Flor. Orange Thread
Thread: Black
Rib: Pearl Tinsel
Body: Light Hare's Ear
Wing: Teal Flank
Hackle: Partridge