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Rabbit strip flies

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The Chicken or Pasta Fly

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The Ronker

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Zonker patterns

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Cutting and buying zonker strips

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Squirrel Zonker

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The Bloody Zonker

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Strange X-Mas

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Strange X-mas

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Videos with "Zonkers - Rabbit strip flies" - More videos about about this subject
Stickleback Zonker

Fly tying tutorial of a Stickleback pattern for all kinds of trouts and predatory fish in fresh- and saltwater
For more visit www.theonefly.com

Tie2Throw Zonker-Streamer

New Tie2throw, this time we tied a Trout streamers for you. A good looking but also very effective pattern for those large trout that feed mainly on baitfish. All materials are availble through www.qflyshop.com

Squirrel Zonker
Tying a Squirrel Zonker with CCG UV Resin. Tied by Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitter.
Zonker streamer

Click here to see materials used in this movie: http://www.bluedotmediashop.dk/group.asp?group=310

Detailed instructions for tying a Pearl Zonker.