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Tenkara Summit 2013 in May

The 3rd Tenkara Summit will take place in May in Harrisonburg,Virginia in the US

Dec 29th 2012/mj

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For those into - or wanting to get into - the Japanese inspired, super simple Tenkara fishing method, there\'s a good opportunity to get some insight and meet fellow Tenkara anglers at the Tenkara Summit 2013, which will be held May 11th-12th in Harrisonburg, Virginia in the US.

Based on numerous requests and the very active tenkara community around the Appalachians, the 3rd Tenkara Summit will be held in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Harrisonburg is likely the most central location for the tenkara community on the East coast and it boasts of hundreds of miles of tenkara-perfect waters all around it.

The purpose of the Tenkara Summit is to bring together tenkara anglers and to share knowledge about the Japanese method of fly-fishing known as tenkara. While we may make tenkara gear available for sale for the convenience of those attending, the Tenkara Summit is generally a non-commercial event.

The event is organized by Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and Tenkara USA, and there will be a $25 fee for day one, which will include lunch and entertainment in the evening. Following the last Summitís format, day 2 will consist of free demos and get together in the morning, with optional guided trips in the afternoon which will cost $75 (including lunch).

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