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Stripped Polish quills

For tyers tying nymphs and dries using quills. these ready-to-tie, dyed peacock quills are great news

Dec 30th 2012/mj

Polish Quills

Stripped peacock quills can be made with a pencil eraser and a bit of work, but these Polish quills take the material a step further by being both stripped and available in 12 colors.

The ready-made strips work very well for nymphs and dry flies that need the nice striped or segmented body that is the result of wrapping a quill in tight turns. Covered with an LCR like Bug-Bund, the resulting body is both great looking and durable.

Polish Quills is the company behind the product, and they can deliver through their online shop with credit card and PayPal payment.

The quills come in packages of 25, which will tie at least 25 flies or twice that if you tie on small hooks. The color selection is Natural; Olive; Golden Olive; Orange; Yellow; Red; Pink; Brown; Crimson; Ginger, Fluo Yellow and Green.
Each package is 3.10 Euros or 4.10 USD, and you can buy a package of each color for 34.10 Euros or 45 USD.

You can buy online or use the dealers:

Quill nymphs

Czech Republic – Jan Siman –
Czech Republic - Pavel Adamovsky -
Germany and the Netherlands - Jan Aben -
Italy - Edgardo Dona -
Italy – Marco Sammicheli -
Sweden - Ulf Hagström -
UK - Fish On -
UK – FlyTek - Pat Stevens –
USA - California - Steve Korbay -
USA - Ohio - Kevin Compton -

The company also sells other fly-tying materials such as CDC, zonker strips and dubbing as well as finished flies.



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