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Female salmon to be protected in Gaula/Orkla

It's likely that female salmon will be protected in these large Norwegian rivers sometime during the summer. Updated

Jan 3rd 2013/mj
Orkanger - the mouth of Orkla -
Orkanger - the mouth of Orkla
Last year in August, the female Atlantic salmon in the famous Norwegian rivers Gaula and Orkla were protected,and anglers could no longer brig home the female half of their catches. This was of course instigated to protect the spawning fish after the successful season with good catches, which then suddenly dropped in July.

According to the Danish Sportfishing Association this will most likely happen again this year, and the female fish may be protected already from July 2013.

Protecting the female fish is a known conservation method used in other Scandinavian waters such as River Morrum in Sweden where female fish have been protected during late season for many years.

Updated Jan 7th 2013:
The protection has been approved for Gaula and female salmon are protected in the months July and August 2013 and must be released. At the same time the quota of large salmon that can be kept has been reduced.



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