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iMOW-tips from Rio

New intermediate/sinking tips from line manufacturer Rio should give better depth control and strike detection

Jan 4th 2013/mj

Rio (i)MOW tips

iMOW stands for intermediate MOW, and is the latest variation of Rio's MOW tip system. Whatever MOW stands for is unknown to me, but both MOW tips and iMOW tips are meant to create a good transition between a floating shooting head and a sinking leader.
The new tips are constructed in such a way that they have an even better depth transition between the floating head and the fast sinking tip.

The iMOW tips come in two sizes:
- heavy (built with T-14 sinking tips, and a translucent blue intermediate section)
- medium (built with T-11 sinking tips, and a translucent green intermediate section)

Within each size there are four different sink tip length and density options:
1) 10 ft clear-camo intermediate
2) a 7.5 ft intermediate with 2.5 ft sink tip
3) a 5 ft intermediate with 5 ft sink tip
4) a 2.5 ft intermediate with 7.5 ft sink tip.

The single density iMOW tips will retail for $19.95 and the dual-density tips will be $24.95.



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