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Wide Open videos on demand

Danish video producer Niels Vestergaard's company Wide Open Outddor Film now offers most of its films for online viewing in HD and several languages

Jan 15th 2013/mj

Videos on demand

Danish Niels Vestergaard has produced an awful lot of videos, which until now mainly have been available on DVD's. But Niels' company Wide Open Outddor Film now offers an option to watch the videos online on demand. We have a number of his videos reviewed here, amongst them the excellent series The Fish & The Fly.

You can watch it instantly on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Both Windows and Mac computers are supported, and Apple, Android and Windows tablets as well as smartphones also works. If you plug your device into the tv or a projector, you can of course enjoy the viewing on a larger screen. The movies are all in English, but subtitles are available in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and English, although the subtitles will not be shown on iPhones and iPads.
The movies are rented for a 2-day period and you can watch it as many times as you please in that period.
The price for a two-day pass is typically 4-5 Euros or about 5.5 to 6.5 USD. Payment can be made with credit card or through PayPal. You get instant access to the movies without any further registration or log-in.

There's a bunch of trailers where you can assess the quality, and Niels occasionally announces a free movie through a coupon code that he posts on his Facebook page or similar places. You will find the company on Facebook too.



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