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Squid Foils

Even more foils are hitting the shelves as the tying season peaks and fishing is about to go off in the northern hemisphere. This time for squid.

Jan 24th 2013/mj

Foil Squid

Bob Popivics is well known for his great contributions to saltwater fly tying, where he has introduced several techniques and materials as well as a large number of patterns, which are already considered classics.
Last spring he he introduced Fleye Foils, which we have covered several times on GFF and tied and fished with.

It seems to be foil season (a foliage joke is on my tongue, but I'll avoid the temptation), because as the shrimp foils are coming from several places, Popovics now introduces Squid Foils, which are - as the name properly implies - meant for tying squid flies. He has posted a couple of pictures and a bit of info on his Facebook page.

These foils are built on the same basic concept as the Fleye Foils, but with differences. They consist of pairs of pre-shaped body sides with a discrete print and varying colors and sizes. Unlike the Fleye Foils they have no eyes printed but a prominent spot for gluing on 3D, holographic eyes or whatever you prefer.

The sizes, prices and form of delivery is yet unknown, but we will keep an eye out for news.
Our guess is that German FlyPeople, who already has the Fleye Foils distribution in Europe will maintain that role for the new foils too, and that the Squid Foils will be widely available in the US along with the existing Fleye Foils.

Squid Foils


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