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Mini Sculpin Helmets

Flymen Fishing Company has launched a smaller and more versatile version of the popular Sculpin Helmets

Feb 6th 2013/mj

Three sizes

The Sculpin Helmets launched last year by Flymen Fishing Company have become very popular. They add weight as well as good looks to a fly, and makes it easy to do an imitation of a bottom dwelling fish.
The US manufacturer now launches a Mini Sculpin Helmet, which is perfect for tying smaller, weighted streamers to target freshwater species such as trout and saltwater flats species such as bonefish and redfish.

The smaller head is much lighter and about the same width as standard size bead-chain eyes. This makes for easier casting and allows the fly to enter the water with less disturbance than the heavier versions or traditional dumbbell eyes.

The new Mini Sculpin Helmet has an new weed guard feature and is designed to fit a much larger range of hook sizes including of course the smaller ones.


Here's what the Flymen emphasize about the new product:
- Fits hooks in the #10 up to #2 hook size range
- Innovative new weed guard feature
- Larger, more bulbous Living Eyes
- Freshwater and saltwater colors Olive, Brown, and Silver
- Realistic flat and broad profile
- Innovative front-fitting design makes it quick and easy to tie
- Designed with a heavily weighted keel to ensure hook up position
- Front slot designed for hooks and tube flies

More info on the Flymen web site



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