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Ultimate Dyna-King vise

US fly-tying vise manufacturer Dyna-King introduces the Ultimate Indexer, a new top-of-the-line 500 USD vise

Feb 13th 2013/mj

Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer

Dyna-King is well known for its quality fly-tying vises, and the new Ultimate Indexer seems to top the existing Dyna-King vises.

At USD 499.- it also tops the Dyna-King price list, but you do get a lot of vise for your money. Hand made from high grade stainless steel, brass and aluminum in Dyna-King's northern California factory and featuring Dyna-King's Notch Lock Cam and tool steel hardened jaws
Each Dyna-King vise is machined from raw bar material and the Ultimate Indexer is no exception. Every part is sanded, polished and assembled by hand.

The Ultimate Indexer vise comes with an instructional DVD featuring Al Beatty demonstrating tying techniques, as well as showcasing the features of the vise.
The vise comes standard with a swivel mount bobbin hanger. This newly designed mount allows the tyer to tilt it up and down as well as swing out of the way when necessary. The Bobbin Hanger may be positioned anywhere on the vise shaft. Also included is a snap-on centering gauge, which allows you to center your hook shank to the axis of rotation.
The Ultimate Indexer is available with a choice of an extra large pedestal base or a large clamp with outrigger.

The word Indexing in the name comes from a feature, which allows the vise to be rotated to one of eight stopping points to aid in curing epoxy or for easy viewing. The indexing feature may be disengaged by simply unscrewing the knurled brass indexing knob on the vise.

Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer



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