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Fin Chasers is a new online fishing magazine with the usual bunch of nice articles, fish pictures, fly patterns and April Vokey of course!

Mar 5th 2013/mj
Fin Chasers - The cover of #1 2013
Fin Chasers
Another electronic, Flash-based fishing magazine has hit the virtual news stands. It's called Fin Chasers and is published by Fish Berserk of which I know nothing and can find very little information online. They have a web site, but do not reveal their location or origin. They publish several magazines about fishing.

Never the less, the Fin Chasers magazine is there, it's free and it's 132 pages of very nice fly-fishing articles including one by the guys behind the video Tapam, a few by Nils Jorgensen, also known from this site and April Vokey of course!



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