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Salmon Fishing Auction

There's some pretty amazing salmon fishing to be won in the Atlantic Salmon Trust Auction 2014

Jan 30th 2014/mj

ASF Auction

The Atlantic Salmon Trust Auction 2014 is a fund raising auction where AST auctions off some fabulous salmon fishing all over the globe in countries including England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Chile, Iceland, Norway and even France.

There are 202 lots as they are called, and prices are slowly rising as we get nearer the final day of the auction February the 14th. Price vary immensely and even on the same river there's something for every wallet. One beat on the Dee in Scotland is currently at 52 UKú (app. 85 US$) after 7 bids. That's for one day in April. Another Dee beat has an opening bid of 2200 UKú (3600 US$) and not a single bid yet even though you get both three days of fishing and four days of accommodation.

You can see all the lots and place bids on the web site that ASF set up for the purpose.



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