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Farlows on Pall Mall sold to Russian

The renown London tackle shop Farlows has been sold off to a Russian salmon angler

Feb 5th 2014/mj


Wealthy Russians have been known to buy all kinds of western businesses from soccer clubs to companies in the oil and gas industry.

But Russian Vladimir Rybalchenko of Skt. Petersborg has other things on his agenda than business and finances in spite of being in the Russian bank sector. He is a well known salmon angler and a quick search for his name reveals more fishing action than business ditto – which is most likely not caused by his lack of business activity, but the typical difference between the angler and the businessman: the angler tells!

Rybalchenko has bought a majority of Farlows of Pall Mall in London, a renown tackle shop in the center of the British capital. According to the source the purchase includes paying off all debts and an injection of cash into the shop, which Rybalchenko says has “a future for a new generation of fishing aficionados”.

Rybalchenko is also engaged in the Kharlovka Company, which administers the Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR) in Kola Russia, so it's obvious that Farlow now pushes the salmon and saltwater trips arranged by the Kharlovka Company.

Farlows is a part of Sportfish UK and that relationship seems to stay unchanged.



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