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Mortensen and Zpey part ways

Danish fly-angler, instructor and designer Henrik Mortensen leaves Norwegian Zpey

Feb 12th 2014/mj

Henrik Mortensen

Henrik Mortensen is a renown Danish fly-angler, instructor/guide and rod designer who has been engaged with Norwegian rod manufacturer Zpey during the last few years. Before that he was designing rods for Danish manufacturer Svendsen Sport, who marketed the rods under the brand Scierra. Zpey is probably best known for its angled, "broken", open Z-shaped rod handle design.

Mortensen announced a few days ago on his Facebook profile that he has decided to leave Zpey, but remain active in the fly-fishing business. He writes in his statement:

"I have resigned from my position as Head of Design and Development at Zpey System, effective February 5, 2014.
I felt compelled to end my affiliation with Zpey System due to changes within the company structure, as well as differences of opinion regarding the ongoing strategy and future direction of the company.
I remain committed and intend to honour any and all agreements that have been scheduled with me directly, and in my name personally, for 2014, such as Scandinavian Spey casting seminars, lectures, salmon fishing schools, etc.
What I will be doing in the future is still, as of yet, undecided. However, I intend to continue working in the fly fishing industry, as this is where I find my calling, my passion, my drive and my inspiration. And I strongly believe that there is still a lot to be done in this industry and I look forward to any challenges the future may hold in this regard."

According to the Norwegian fly-fishing page one of the consequences has been that the company Zpey takes a "timeout" whatever that means for the future of the brand, which has been aggressively marketed with a high profile, but hasn't really had any impact beyond Scandinavia and a few European markets.



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