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Umpqua leaders and tippets

Umpqua is best known for its flies and fly-tying material, but also has a substantial selection of leaders and tippet material.

Mar 12th 2014/mj

Umpqua Feather Merchants is bringing a revamped and improved line of leaders and tippet materials to
market. The materials are made on modern, cutting-edge equipment that allows for more accurate tolerances during the extrusion process, providing great consistency and reliability in the materials and designs.

The program consists of a full range of leaders - salt and freshwater, light and heavy, special as well as general purpose.

You will find leaders for bonefishing, pike fishing, Czech nymphing and almost any other type of fishing you can imagine, as well as special tapers like a Power Taper extruded with a very long butt section. You will even find a number of brightly colored Practice Tapers made to be extra visible when practicing.

You can see the large program on Umpqua's web site.



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