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Predator XL tube and tool

Danish fly-tying company FutureFly has introduced a new series of extra large tubes and a tool to hold them

May 19th 2014/mj

Predator XL tube and tool

Tubes are very well suited for large flies such as pike flies and large saltwater flies for big, predatory fish. So why not use extra large tubes to create even larger and sturdier flies for these fly trashers?

The Danish company FutureFly has done exactly that, and now has a large diameter tube in their already large assortment of fly tubes. The new tube is called Predator Tubes, and ar 4.6 millimeters or about 1/5 of an inch in diameter. They are available in several colors including ones with flash embedded. Since the tubes are quite large, the normal 3 millimeter tubes can be used as inner tubes for patterns that require this.

Since these tubes are quite large, you need a large tool to hold them, and FutureFly has introduced the Predator XL TubeNeedle with adapter, which fits in a standard vise and will hold and support the large tubes through a simple frictional system.

The tool or the the tubes haven't been listed on FutureFly's web suite yet, but some UK dealers already have the tool in their assortment for £18.99 or about 32.- USD and the tubes at 5 UK£ or about 8.50 USD for ten 20 centimeter or 5" tubes.



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