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New fly testing tank

US fly-tying materials manufacturer Flymen Fishing Company has started the production of a test tank for flies

Jul 27th 2014/mj

The Fly Tester is a tank that creates a current for fly testing. Water circulates in a closed system, and you suspend your flies and can observe their movement.
We have seen these tanks before at shows and on fly tyer's desks, but as far as I know this one is the first one put into production and widely available.

While most of the tanks I have seen work horizontally and circulate the water in a transparent, oval tank, the Flymen tank circulates the water vertically, meaning that the water runs one way in the bottom of the tank and returns on the top. The bottom current is run through a tube and this creates a steady current below and a more broken current on top, which is actually a feature as well as a result of the construction and the physics of the water. It gives you both a very steady flow and one that is more random, giving your fly different conditions to work in.

You simply suspend the fly on a piece of tippet tied to the anchor points provided in the tank. You can then observe the fly through the transparent tank and assess the design and see where you can change the fly to get the behavior you want.
You can adjust the power of the pump and the speed of the water to match the conditions you want your fly to work in.

The tank is great for fly tyers who are experimenting and developing new flies as well as for fly shops, exhibitors and others who want to display working flies.
The suggested retail price is 285 USD and the tank can be ordered online from the Flymen web site, but cannot be shipped to a long row of countries including the UK, Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries. We can hope that the Flymen have distributors who can service these countries.

A video showing the tank at work



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