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New 2013 Abel reel designs

Able's program of artistic and fish pattern reels gets expanded with five more designs for 2013

Dec 28th 2012/mj

Abel designs

Abel has a longstanding tradition of decorating its fabulous reels with both abstract and natural patterns, and the renown manufacturer has a new series of reel designs ready for 2013:

DeYoung Brook Trout Flank
DeYoung Rainbow Trout Flank
2012 Wild Trout
Grand Slam Engraving

The selection is now 13 solid colors, 23 artistic graphics and 26 fish graphics.
The price is 50 USD for the solid co0lors and 200 USD for the graphics on top of the reel price, which varies from about 250 USD for the small and simple reels well into the 8-900 USD range for the larger and more complex models.

More info on Abel's web site.


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