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John Goddard dies

The father of Goddard's Sedge has passed away, age 89

Dec 29th 2012/mj
Goddard sedge -
Goddard sedge
Goddard book cover -
Goddard book cover
John Goddard was one of the great and very influential fly tiers. Born in London in 1923, he was an enthusiastic and skilled fly fisherman from the early 50's, and went on fishing trips all over the world, from Norway and Newfoundland to New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and Kenya and more plus of course his home country, the UK.

He wrote a number of books during his long fishing career, amongst them Trout Fly Recognition. (1966), The Trout & The Fly, with Brian Clarke (1982), John Goddard's Waterside Guide (1988),
The Trout Fly Patterns of John Goddard (2004) and The Passionate Angler (2008).



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