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RISE Film Festival starts February

The next leg of RISE FIlm Festival will begin in February 2013 and continue until April 2013, playing 38 shows across 14 countries in 5 languages

Dec 30th 2012/mj

RISE Film Festival

The next leg of RISE Europe will begin in February 2013 and continue until April 2013, playing 38 shows across 14 countries in 5 languages. Take this opportunity to see the best in fly fishing entertainment in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France.

The schedule can be seen online on the RISE web site, and each show will feature the videos
Jungle Fish
The Arctic
Only the River Knows
...and most likely more.

Word from the organizers is; "Tickets are moving quickly, buy online to reserve your seat at RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival 2013."

KIEL2000-2200h, 18/02/13Kino In Der Pumpe
HAMBURG1900-2100h, 19/02/13Passage Kino
BERLIN2015-2215h, 20/02/13Eva - Lichtspiele
DRESDEN1900-2100h, 21/02/13Programmkino Ost
GOTTINGEN1745-1945h, 24/02/13Lumiere Kino
COLOGNE 1900-2100h, 26/02/13Kino Rex
STUTTGART1900-2100h, 27/02/13Corso Cinema
MUNICH 1800-2000h, 28/02/12Rio Filmpalast
ZURICH20.00-22.00h, 04/03/13Kino Abaton
BERN20.00-22.00h, 05/03/13Kino Cinecamera
GENÈVA19h00-21h00, 25/02/13Cinèma Du Grutli
MONTREUX19h00-21h00, 26/02/13Cinèmas Rex
VIENNA 1900-2100h, 28/02/13Haydn Cinema
SALZBURG1900-2100h, 01/03/13Mozart Kino
SAINT-LO14h00-16h00, 16/02/13Cinémoviking
PARIS20h00-22h00, 19/02/13Cinema Du Patheon
MULHOUSE19h00-21h00, 21/02/13Cinema Bel Air
SAINT ETIENNE (PREMIÈRE)19h00-21h00, 23/02/13Cinèma Le Royal
SAINT ETIENNE (Deuxième)21h30-23h30, 23/02/13Cinèma Le Royal
PAU19h30-21h30, 01/03/13Cinèma Cgr Saint Louis
LE PUY17h00-19h00, 02/03/13Cinè-Dyke
MARSEILLE19h30-21h30, 27/02/13Cinèma Chambord
ROTTERDAMTo Be ConfirmedCinerama Filmtheatre
AMSTERDAMTo Be ConfirmedPathe Tuschinski
REYKJAVIK  Bio Paradis
GOTHENBURGTo Be ConfirmedBio Roy
COPENHAGENTo Be ConfirmedDanish Film Institute
OSLOTo Be ConfirmedNorwegian Film Institute
LJUBLJANATo Be ConfirmedCankarjev Dom
WARSAWTo Be ConfirmedDom Kultury Swit
KRAKOWTo Be ConfirmedKinoteatr Wrzos



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