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New shrimp foils on the way

The German company FlyPeople is introducing a new and exciting shrimp foil

Jan 16th 2013/mj

FlyPeople Shrimpbacks

German company FlyPeople who are distributors of Bob Popovics' Fleye Foils will introduce a new and exciting product in 2013.
FlyPeople Shrimpbacks are foils with shrimp shell prints, ready to tie in as backs on your shrimp flies.

The foils are produced in eastern Europe, and FlyPeople distributes them for all Europe.
They come in two sizes 35 and 40mm (1.4 and 1.6 inches), and each package contains 10 foils and are priced at Euros 3.90 per pack or about 5 USD.
The material is a clear, adhesive, very strong and flexible foil, which is cut out and ready to peel off the base. Few but important features are printed on on the foil.

The foils are still in transit, but FlyPeople expect to be ready to deliver soon.

This type of pre-shaped and/or printed materials is seen more and more often. Apart from the aforementioned Fleye Foils, we have also seen shrimp foils called 3D Shrimp Shell from Pro Sportfisher not to mention the HD Jungle Cock from the same company.

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