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Partridge Fly Tying Days are here again

I was one of the lucky tiers that attended some of the Partridge Tying Days back in the nineties. Partridge will now re-introduce these events

Jan 19th 2013/mj

Oliver Edwards and Davy Wotton were a couple of the renown tiers that were featured on UK hook and fly-tying material manufacturer Partridge's tying days back in the nineties. I was lucky enough to attend a couple here in Denmark and had a great time, not only getting very well entertained and seeing some of the best, but also learning quite a lot.

Partridge has now decided to re-introduce the concept and start a new row of these intimate workshop sessions. The events will start in March at River Days on 9th and 10th March 2013 at Holbrook House, Wincanton, Somerset in the UK, and feature well known international tiers as Paul Procter, Johan Klingberg, Ian McKenzie, Chris Reeves, David Dowery and Alex Jardine.

Just like the events I attended, the number of seats will be limited so admission will be by reservation only. The attendants will be split into groups that rotate through the workshops to spend time with each of the demonstrating tiers. The groups are small and the contact to the tier will be very close with great opportunities to learn from the best.

The next weekend has already been planned, and will be the "Spider Days" at a venue to be decided in Yorkshire, UK scheduled for October 26th and 27th 2013.

You can book seats online for the first events and follow the planning of further tying days on the web site made for the purpose.



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