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25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish

Our own Steve Schweitzer is on the way with a new book on fly fishing in national parks

Jan 24th 2013/mj

National park view

Another book by Steve Schweitzer is on the way from Stonefly Press. This time not just focusing on Rocky Mountain National Park as was the case in his first and highly praised book on the subject, but 24 more National Parks perfectly suited for fly fishing - some of them you may have never heard of, and some of them may just surprise you!

Suffice it to say, they all are must-do's on any National Park fly fishing tour.

But don't pack your rods quite yet if you want to plan your trip using the new book, because it will take another year before it's out. Until then you can follow the progression on the Facebook page made for the project to stay updated on the status of the book and to see some amazing photos of the US National Park system.


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