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Full fly-fishing films from 3 US$

A new Swedish site offers fly-fishing films as both DVD's and streaming at very reasonable prices

Jan 26th 2013/mj

Online video

The Swedish company Mountain Media has been in video production for a long time. But they have managed to stay on top of the game, and kept on producing a large number of excellent fishing videos.
Although based in Sweden the company's products have been international in scope all the way, and in the last few years in particular we have seen some great titles with a very broad international appeal, like the series Swedish Lappland and the Modern Fly Fishing series with Johan Klingenberg tying and fishing different types of flies various places in the world. We have reviewed many of them and liked them all.

These videos and many more are now available all over the world from the new site, where the films can be bought both on DVDs as well as streaming.
Especially the streaming option is interesting, because it opens for a less expensive and easier way to get to see the films for people in more remote locations (remote compared to Sweden that is).
Shed of the physical production costs and postage, a full HD video can be watched for as little as 3 dollars and whenever you please. You simply go to the store, pay the amount and start watching. The purchase is essentially a rental, and you have access to the video for 48 hours after payment. In that period you can watch it to your heart's content and as many times as you want.
Provided that your computer can support it, you can plug in a projector or a TV and watch it there. The service also supports iPads, iPhones and Android devices, which can play either Flash- or HTML5-videos, which will mean most of them, but of course requires a sufficient amount of power and bandtwidth to play in full HD as is the case with all online video sources.

The current selection is 25 if Mountain Media's own videos in English including some of the latest and the best, but the selection is rapidly expanding, and the plan is to have other companies' videos available too.



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