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Glowing tube fly tube

Scandinavian Guideline introduces a brightly luminous tube fly tubing

Feb 7th 2013/mj


The Scandinavian company Guideline known amongst other things for its FITS tube fly system has developed a real hot luminous tube that shines strong and long according the the company.
You charge the tube with the last bit of daylight to fish in the twilight or you flash the tube using a camera flash or a strong flashlight, which will make it shine long and hard.

Luminous materials are often used at nighttime, but if you are fishing deep your flies are fishing in relative darkness, and the brightly shining fly might do a difference.

The tube seems be be available in a very bright green and in the usual four FITS diameters. The Guideline blog announcing it says that it's in stock, but it hasn't appeared on Guideline's web site yet, so information on package sizes or prices isn't available yet, but the current line of tubes are sold 1 meter (app. 3 feet) at the time, and the new tube will most likely be slightly more expensive than the non-glowing variations.



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