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Official Beiss Fly hair

Danish FutureFly has the color approved by the originator of this popular Scandinavian fly

Jan 28th 2014/mj


The Danish company FutureFly have been trying hard to get the right colour for Ulf Sills "Beiss" fly, which is a very popular tube fly used for salmon and sea trout in the peaty waters of southern Scandinavia.

At first they called the color Olive1, but with it has been approval from the Original Beiss Master - German/Swedish Ulf Sill, and the company now changes the name to Olive 1 Beiss Original.

The company reports that the official approval took place on Saturday January the 25th in Denmark, and on his Facebook page Ulf Sill actually thanks Brian Storup, the head of FutureFly, for getting the color right.



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