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Wheatley Anniversary Fly Box

British company Richard Wheatley releases a Limited Edition fly box to celebrate 100 years of the first ever printed fly box

Jan 28th 2014/mj

Loch Level Fly Box

UK fly-fishing accessory manufacturer Richard Wheatley is still going strong and introducing new products to the market. Its latest addition to the famous line of fly boxes is a special edition Loch Leven aluminum fly box with a classic style print on the lid.

The box itself is a modern version of the original 1913 Loch Leven Eyed Fly Box, which was printed on tin plate and made by Richard Wheatley. This new version uses the original design but is made in aluminum. It's made in a Limited Edition and might very well become as collectable as the original.
To commemorate the history of this fly box, one in every hundred of the new Loch Leven Fly Box will contain a free original Loch Leven Eyed Fly Box.

The modern Loch Leven Fly Box comes with a choice of four interiors:
- Flat foam in base & lid
- Flat foam in lid & ripple foam in base
- Ripple foam in base & lid
- 12 Compartments in base and flat foam in lid

The price will be 42 UKú for the three first models and 58 UKú for the box with compartments.



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