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World Fly Casting Cup to be held in Norway

After a somewhat shaky start it seems that the fly-casting competition for 2014 has found a home in Fagernes, Norway

Feb 17th 2014/mj

Casting court

It has been clear for some weeks that the Fly-casting World Championships 2014 will be held in Norway, and it is now finally decided that the championship will be held in Fagernes August 14th to 17th.
After the World Cup in fly casting in 2012 it was decided that the 2014 event would take place inthe UK, but due to technical challenges, the British organizers found it necessary to cancel the championship. After clearing the necessary formalities, it is now decided that the World Cup in fly casting 2014 will be held at Fagernes, Norway.

Before the official opening, there will be a founding meeting for the purpose of establishing an international Surf and Fly Casting Association. More information about the World Cup and the inaugural meeting will be on NCFs website and on the World Cup website.



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