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Wheatley UK in liquidation, Updated!

The renown UK fly box manufacturer Richard Wheatley is turning the key and has stopped taking online orders

Jan 29th 2013/mj

Wheatley fly box

Update: Wheatley is doing well and not closed.
It's very few fly anglers who haven't at one point owned or know people who have owned a Richard Wheatley fly box. I myself have several in the collection, and even though I don't use them regularly I have always loved the sturdy aluminum boxes with small hinged lids and tongues to stick the flies under.

It is therefore with some sadness that I can report that the company Richard Wheatley is in liquidation in other words, turning the key and fishing its business.
The detailed circumstances are yet unknown but a staff member at Wheatley confirms that this is the case. He writes:
"I am sorry to inform you that Richard Wheatley has been put into liquidation. It is true. I have been with the Company since 1983 and this is a very sad time for everyone."

I heard the rumor though a customer who had ordered from Wheatley's web shop and got the message that the order couldn't be fulfilled and that the liquidator would contact him with regards to the amount already debited to his credit card. The Wheatley web shop has been shot down, and obviously doesn't take any orders at the present time.

What has caused the collapse and what the future holds for Wheatley is yet unknown. We will try to follow up as soon a we get more information.



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