Published Oct 1. 2002 - 13 years ago

10 ways

Become a better fly fisher by attending to these 10 easy ways of improvement. They are simple and logical, but many people do not even consider them in their day-to-day fishing.

More trout. Bigger trout.

Maybe these 10 simple pieces of advice

can bring you that. Then again... maybe not.

Günter Feuerstein photo

I don't want to pretend to anyone that these 10 tips will turn skunked trips into a hurricane of loose scales and splashing water, but if you follow the advice sketched here, there is a slight chance that you will improve your statistics.

Many seasoned fishers will probably already know and follow these rules, but even the skilled fisher can learn new things. As you will see the advice might seem banal, but after reading you can ask yourself how many of them you follow. They aim to break old habits and urge you to think differently.

You can shrug your shoulders and say 'nah - not for me', you can use all of the tips or some or you can conclude that you already do most of the things I will touch upon.

...your choice.

But read on anyway and reflect a bit over my points. There might be a chance of improvement hidden somwhere in the row of 10 plus one.

First piece of advice: Fish where the fish are...



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