Published Dec 8. 2002 - 13 years ago

Screwhead Matuka

GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been fooling aruond with Bidoz Products brand new Kameleon Heads. These aluminium heads screw onto almost any straight eye hook - such as the one on the Screwhead Matuka.

The neat Kamelon heads from French Andre Bidoz made these efficient Matukas possible.
This is in most ways an ordinary Matuka fly, and could actually be almost any pattern as long as it was tied on a straight eye hook. The neat thing about the fly is not the tail or body, but - obviously - the head.

Martin Joergensen

Kameleon Matuka

The fly ought rightfully to be called the Kameleon Matuka - named after the cone used in the head. But I thought Screwhead sounded a bit better.

The Kameleon head is quite an intricate construction made by the French manufacturer of cones and beads Andre Bidoz. Its shape allows it to be slipped over the eye of the hook, be turned and then lock in place, adding a really neat head to the fly and at the same time adding weight. Stick on eyes will finish the picture, and using such a head, your can turn any fly into a very different character in seconds. No special tricks are needed, neither is glue, and any fly with a little space behind the eye can be converted.

You can see the Kameleon head and more of Bidoz' producets here.

Simple pattern

This pattern is as simple as they come: a dubbed body, a Matuka wing and a hackle. It is the head that makes it stand out - to the extend that it stands out at all. The head is light enough to be convenient to cast and heavy enough to bring the fly down.

Martin Joergensen


Martin Joergensen's picture


As you can see in the article, Bidoz-products are available from There's a link in the text.
The rest of the materials are commonly accessible in any flyshop.


The bidoz head is unique qnd even more so is the sourcing, I think that authors need to mention where one can purchase unique parts, feathers,hooks when they are used in a fly pattern or application. It fustrates one to get the desire to use a product and then find no source.

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